Smile Design

When the majority of us look in the mirror, we will see something that we would like to change.

Perhaps the colour of our teeth? It could be crooked teeth. It could be the shape of our teeth or our gums. It could be chips or cracks. Whatever the issue, most of us would like to change it.

It’s amazing how much of an effect that our smile can have on our appearance and also how we feel about ourselves. Many of us can spend thousands of pounds on hairdressing, clothes, anti-age creams and make-up, yet it is not always realised how much that teeth can give away our age.

At Moti Smile Design Centre Leicester we understand the concern and anxiety that can be caused by an imperfect smile. Many of our patients tell of the huge boost in self-confidence that they have experienced when we have helped deliver an improved smile.

We can use a variety of techniques that may include tooth whitening, orthodontics, crowns, bridges and veneers to achieve the desired result.

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