Inman Aligner

Do you have crooked teeth? Would you like straighter teeth?

At Moti Smile Design we also offer the latest in orthodontic technology that can move your teeth to the desired position in as little as 6-16 weeks.

  • The wires are discreet, small and tooth-coloured
  • Discomfort is kept to a minimum as the teeth are gently repositioned
  • Treatment time is reduced by over 50%
  • Price - around half that of alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is it possible to straighten my teeth in so short a time?
A: The Inman Aligner uses the most up-to-date technology and techniques in orthodontics.

Q: Will it hurt?
A: There can be discomfort at the beginning of treatment but this is generally mild and you soon get used to it.

Q: Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment?
A: As with all orthodontic treatments your teeth do tend to try and move back. We will supply you with a night-time retainer.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We will need to see you for a consultation to determine this but it is likely to be half that of other orthodontic alternatives.

If you have any further questions you are always welcome to call us on 0116 283 2334, or email us through our contact page.