Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to what other Moti Smile Design Centre patients have had to say about the care and treatment that we have provided.

Mrs M Rogers

I have been a patient of Hanif Moti for approximately twenty years now, and I have found him (and also his staff) to be first rate! So caring and considerate, and excellent mondern clean premises, it is (almost) a pleasure to visit.

I would be very happy to recommend him to anyone who is looking for first class dental treatment.

Yours Sincerely

M Rogers

Christine McAllister

What can I say about my amazing dentist. I have known Dr Moti since 1986 when he first came to Britain.

Before I went to him I used to have to take tranquilizers to have dental treatment now I never worry about going to the dentist as Dr Moti puts me at ease that is why I travel 310 miles from Scotland to Leicester to see him.

He has worked very hard and has built up an excellent practice.

Christine McAllister
South West Scotland

Joyce McDowell

I have been a patient at Moti Smile Design Centre for over twenty years. Although I now live sixty miles away the service and friendliness of all at the Practice have determined that I have remained with Mr Moti

I really appreciate the easy but professional attitude and approachable nature of the staff and the reminder system that ensures that I never miss an appointment. Careful and attentive treatment allows me not to worry about tooth problems and being on a recommended Dental Plan all my dental costs are spread evenly thoughout the year.

A great practive that I am happy to be staying with.

Joyce McDowell

4th October, 2011

For the attention of Dr. Moti

From a very early age I was always having problems with my teeth and never visited a dentist without having some sort of treatment required, therefore developed a fear of dental appointments. My first meeting with Dr. Moti was when a bridge had fallen out for the 3rd time leaving me highly conscious with an embarrassing gap at the front of my mouth. I expected him to stick it back in for me and off I would go, but to my disappointmet at the time he insisted that something more needed to be done.

I returned with my husband Chris for moral support and Dr. Moti patiently went through all the options with us. It was decided that I would have veneers fitted to my top teeth.

I can honestly say that I had sleepless nights on the build up to the appointments. I was scared at the thought of long hours in the dentist chair. I was anxious that I had made the right choice, and every night I was dreaming that all my teeth were filling out.

No one can say that sitting in a dentist chair is fun, but Dr. Moti was brilliant at putting me at ease, he sensed my anxiety and calmly talked me through every step of the way. Nothing was ever too much trouble and he was constantly asking if I was OK, stopping to give me a break whenever I needed it.

The end result has changed my life in the way I now have a confident smile. I no longer need to hide my mouth behind my hand when I laugh. A day doesn't go by without me looking in the mirror and still being delighted with the end result.

Maggie Wright

30th March 2012

With reference to Dr Anubha Pareek;

I would like to say how pleased I'am with all the dental work she has done for me, just resently I have had done very intensive work which includes, root filling to be able to keep a large bridge, also front fillings. All the work she has done has been excellent a most caring professional.

I would recomend Dr Anubha Pareek to family and friends, in fact Dr Pareek was recomended to me by my daughter, which she has always been frighten to have dental work done, but since being looked after by Dr Pareek my daughter has overcome this.

From a very pleased patient.

Josephine Gavila

I have recently received treatment for 4 new crows. I would like to thank you for the care, skill and efficiency shown throughout the procedure. I was very apprehensive at the beginning but was immediately put at ease and reassured with explanation of everything that was being done.

Thank you for putting the smile back on my face.


M Moseley

I have been visiting Mr Moti's dentist on Aylestone Rd for over 30 years and I have always found that with his ability to engage people in conversation he puts people at ease.

Regarding his dental ability I am sure you will find no one better. Over 20 years ago I had a bridge fitted on my top front teeth, it was the best thing I have done. Instead of using dentures that never stay in I had the bridge fitted which is still in today and has never come loose. It is just like having your own teeth.

Christopher Tate