Choose wisely when it comes to facial aesthetic treatments

In an unregulated industry who can you trust?

Choose wisely when it comes to facial aesthetic treatments

Although it might seem a little strange to you to attend a dental practice for a course of anti wrinkle injectables or fillers, when it comes to non invasive facial aesthetic treatments it pays to choose your provider wisely.

The industry is unregulated and nearly anyone can attend a short course and then say they are ‘qualified’ to perform non invasive facial aesthetics such as fillers.  Although the anti wrinkle substance Botox is a prescriptive medicine and so needs a medical professional to write the prescription, this does not mean that the person performing the actual injection will have a good level of training, knowledge or skill necessarily.

Dentists have many years of training and are regulated by the General Dental Council.  They have an extensive knowledge of the facial muscles and structure and this gives them an excellent base in going on to perform non invasive facial aesthetics.  Dentists must have insurance to be able to practise and must also be continually learning to be able to appear on the General Dental Council register and perform their work.

Now we’re not saying that there aren’t other qualified and insured people out there who provide excellent treatments but we are saying choose wisely when it comes to facial aesthetic provider.  Make sure they are fully qualified and insured and if in doubt look elsewhere.

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