Whiten and brighten your smile!

tooth whitening treatments from Enlighten at Moti Smile Design Centre

Whiten and brighten your smile!

Over time our smiles can become dull and stained, and no amount of brushing with shop bought whitening toothpastes will change that.  Although they can work at helping to prevent new staining, their ability to remove deep, ground in stains has little effect on most people’s smiles.  But there is a solution!

At Moti Smile Design Centre in Leicester we offer Enlighten tooth whitening treatment and our an accredited Enlighten centre meaning you can be sure you are in very best of hands when it comes to the skill of the dentist and the products used to whiten and brighten our dental patients’ smiles.

I f you’d like to treat your smile to a whiter, brighter outlook this year then call our friendly team to book a consultation and find out what a difference it could make to your smile!

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