What’s in a smile?!

National Smile Month continues at our Leicester dental practice

National Smile Month have conducted research to finally prove that a smile is the most important physical attribute when it comes to attraction, second only to personality.  The findings are remarkable when we consider that the nation seems fairly ambivalent to its oral health.

Indeed, the survey revealed that only 23% believed that the nation had ‘good teeth’ and approaching half the population were not happy with their smile or teeth.

The clear winner of the survey was personality, with 90% of respondents rating this human attribute highly when it comes to attraction.  A smile came second (56%), closely followed by the face (53%) and eyes (51%).  Dress sense, body shape, hair and height were also measured, with the latter bringing up the rear on 25%.

Dr Carter Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said: “A simple smile can make others feel at ease around you and can be a powerful show of emotion, yet not everyone has the confidence to do so.  They say we can all hide behind a smile if you are not happy or are self-conscious about your teeth, and the results of the survey show even though many of us aren’t happy with our teeth and do avoid smiling because of their appearance, we’re still attracted to the opposite sex by a simple smile.

And while good oral health can be an attractive quality, the opposite can be said of poor oral health.

More research we have done has revealed our partner’s biggest smiles crimes, with men named as the guiltiest culprits of bad oral health habits.

Respondents cited ‘food stuck between the teeth’ as their greatest turn-off, claiming 40% of the overall vote.

Bad breath (24%), stained teeth (21%) and not brushing twice a day (16%), made up the remainder of our partner faux pas.

In a battle of the sexes, more than three quarters (76%) pointed the finger firmly towards the men, marking them as the ones with the worst oral health habits.

“It doesn’t matter how expensive your bouquet is or how posh the restaurant is, if you haven’t got clean teeth the chances are your date won’t be impressed.  All of these smile crimes are an instant turn-off, but they continue to affect many of us on a regular basis,” Dr Carter added.

So there we go!  A simple smile really can be the most powerful aphrodisiac so take good care of it by visiting your dentist regularly!

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