Walk ‘white’ this way for a brighter smile

Professional tooth whitening in Leicester for your brightest smile!

Walk ‘white’ this way for a brighter smile

With the ever increasing sunshine (?!), thoughts often turn to summer holidays...and the physical preparations that most people consider when it’s time to get the shorts and sandals out!

Alongside the usual areas that might need a little bit of TLC, we’d like you to consider your smile.  Not only will a whiter, brighter smile look great against that (fake for safety!) holiday tan but it will also really shine in holiday selfies around the pool, on the beach or climbing a mountain....whatever your choice of holiday!

At our friendly Leicester dental practice we use ‘Enlighten’ professional tooth whitening products to give our patients fast, effective and safe whiter, brighter smiles.

Using custom made whitening trays and gentle, yet effective whitening agents, the Enlighten treatment can give a whiter, stain free in 10-14 days.

To find out if your smile could benefit from the Enlighten treatment book a consultation today to find out more about the amazing results Enlighten can achieve.

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