Do you floss? And we don’t mean the dance!

Your oral health regime at home is so important!

Do you floss? And we don’t mean the dance!

Taking care of your teeth and gums at home is fundamental in helping to maintain a beautiful lifelong smile.  Your oral hygiene regime at home could be the make or break of the long term success of your smile and without it no amount of visits to the dentist will make a difference – unless you want to attend twice a day, every day!

·         Brush for at least two minutes, twice a day

·         Use a fluoride toothpaste

·         Change your toothbrush, or toothbrush head at least every 3 months

·         Floss or use inter-dental sticks every day to reach between your teeth

·         Avoid sugary foods and drinks – especially away from mealtimes

·         Attend regular hygienist and dental appointments at Moti Smile Design Centre!

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