Keep a sunny smile this autumn

with teeth whitening from our Leicester dental practice

Keep a sunny smile this autumn

Just because the weather may have taken a turn for the worse, don’t let it stop you from brightening up other people’s day with your smile! The drizzly days and chilly evenings are a great reason to make sure that your smile is as white and bright as it could be - there’s enough dullness going on in autumn as it is!

At Moti Smile Design Centre in Leicester we offer the very latest in fast, effective and safe teeth whitening in the comfort of our practice under the care of dental professionals.

Moti Smile Design Centre is an ‘Enlightened Accredited’ whitening centre, and we are delighted to use this excellent teeth whitening treatment to brighten our patients’ smiles.

Enlighten teeth whitening in the practice takes under two hours, or you can use custom made trays and whitening gel at home and results take as little as two weeks if the trays are used as recommended.

If you’d like to know how you can get a whiter, brighter smile in the Leicester area then simply contact us on Leicester 0116 283 2334 to book your consultation

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