Just a few months to a great smile!

with short term, discreet orthodontic braces from Moti Smile Design Centre in Leicester

Just a few months to a great smile!

Many people think that in order to achieve a straighter, more attractive smile they’ll have to wear braces for many years….but with the advances in orthodontic treatments that may not be the case!

At our Leicester dental practice we offer short term orthodontics which can give fantastic results in a super fast time.

Not only are these short term orthodontic braces discreet; because treatment time is reduced, the cost is significantly reduced too – in the case of the Inman Aligner the cost is more than 50% less!

If you’re living with a smile that you’re not entirely happy with why not book a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation at our Leicester dental practice and see if your smile is suitable for short term orthodontic treatment? After all you’ve nothing to lose except that crooked smile!

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