Head straight this way for a straighter smile

orthodontic braces available at our Leicester dental practice

Head straight this way for a straighter smile

There are many options available for patients of our Leicester dental practice who would like to use orthodontics to achieve a straighter, more attractive smile.

At our Leicester dental practice we offer invisible braces, for those who would prefer the most discreet way to straighten teeth.  We also use the Inman Aligner orthodontic treatment which gently re-positions teeth from both the front and back at the same time. For patients looking for fast, effective results we are also able to offer Six Month Smiles orthodontics at our Leicester practice too.

Both these orthodontic methods give great results, are comfortable and with our finance options are also affordable.  We have a treatment suitable for most people’s smiles so why not book a FREE, NO OBLIGATION orthodontic consultation at our Leicester practice today?  Simply call our friendly team on Leicester 0116 283 2334 to book your place.

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